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Corded stick vacuum cleaners - All you need to know

Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaners – Why cordless isn’t always the best

Yes, corded stick vacuum cleaners do exist! People tend to think that stick vacuum cleaners are always cordless, but corded stick vacuum cleaners have risen in popularity over time, perhaps due to the exceptional convenience they offer.

Given the vast assortment of models flooding the market, we’ve put together a corded stick vacuum cleaners buyer’s guide and along with some other info that we hope you’ll find useful.

What’s the difference between cordless stick vacuums and corded stick vacuums?

The difference between corded stick vacuum cleaners and cordless stick vacuums is how they are powered. Corded stick vacuums have an electrical cord that you plug into a power outlet and cordless stick vacuums run using a rechargeable battery.

A corded stick vacuum can be a touch heavier than a cordless but they have many other benefits.

Benefits of a Corded Stick Vacuum

Cordless stick vacuums are really popular but corded stick vacuum cleaners have some advantages over their cordless rivals.

cordless stick vacuum cleaner battery

1. Corded stick vacuums don’t need batteries so there’s no chance of ending up with a drained battery. Imagine getting ready for a quick vacuum, you turn it on and then .. nothing. Avoid the frustration with a corded stick vacuum cleaner!

2. No waiting for a battery to charge with a corded stick vacuum. Some batteries have a charging time which means that you can wait for around 3 to 4 hours for a full charge (depending on the model).

3. Often corded stick vacs have dust bins are a little bigger than cordless ones. This gives you more space to capture the debris and dust, and less frequent emptying.

4. The most important benefit is that corded stick vacuums are plugged in to an electrical outlet. Being plugged in, allows them to use consistent power which means that you get more consistent suction.

is corded stick vacuum better than cordless

5. It might surprise you to know that even though corded stick vacs are efficient performers, they still sell at relatively lower price points compared to their cordless rivals. So they tend to be better value for money.

6. Consistent run time. There are so many cordless stick vacuum cleaners and they all have different batteries with a different battery life. Consumer reports have found that these batteries regularly have problems within 5 years. As long as you have a power outlet and your cord is in good shape you can vacuum with your corded stick vacuum cleaner all day if you want to!

What to consider when buying a Corded Stick Vacuum

Like with other household appliances, there are factors you ought to keep in mind before making buying a new corded stick vacuum. Let’s go through them.

Suction Power

As for suction power and its importance, different people tend to offer differing opinions. This feature refers to the number of watts a vacuum cleaner will need to lift an air unit through its spout.

While suction power may differ depending on the internals of the machine and external factors, the amount of suction power largely to look for depends on your needs. If you are looking to save electricity then pick a model with moderate suction.

As for any vacuum cleaner, keeping the head free of obstructions, like hair, and keeping the filters clean or maintained will help maintain good suction which, in turn, will help the vacuum cleaner perform at it’s best.

Type of Filter – do corded stick vacuums come with HEPA filters?

Most corded stick vacuums feature HEPA filters, certified to remove tiny particles, allergens, and dust from the air.

This is undoubtedly good news for people who have asthma and other allergies. Additionally, these filters deliver a much higher level of filtration and reduce emissions better than ordinary filters.

Cord Length – how long do you need?

Make sure you select a corded stick vacuum that has sufficiently long cords for your needs, especially if you’ll be vacuuming large rooms. After all, a long cable will enable you clean for extended periods without stopping and switching to another power outlet.

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With different stick vacuums featuring different cord lengths, 20 feet as the minimum is a good start. However, a cord length of between 25 and 30 feet is ideal.

Even more impressive, some best-rated corded stick vacuums boast a retractable cord control that will automatically rewind the cord at the touch of a button.


best corded stick vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaner’s weight is really important, especially as it can affect its ease of use. Moving a stick vacuum cleaner constantly between rooms or hauling it up and down the stairs shouldn’t feel like you’re going to the gym.

Go for a lightweight stick vacuum model that you can carry around the house easily.

Lightweight stick vacuum cleaners are ideal for elderly people or those with mobility issues as well as those of us that don’t fancy a workout while vacuuming.

Bagged or bagless stick vacuum

Most stick vacuum cleaners are bagless. Lots of people like the see through dust bins. Bagged stick vacuum cleaners do exist and are a great choice for asthmatics or people with allergies. Just open the dust container, remove the bag (which keeps the dust trapped so that you are not exposed to it) and dispose.

Dustbin size

If you have a small apartment then a stick vacuum with a small to medium dustbin size will do the trick.

If you have a large house, or you’re not keen on emptying the dustbin frequently, then the size of the dust bin will be more important to you. Remember to check that the dust bin is easy to empty.

Corded stick vacuum with attachments

You can definitely get a corded stick vacuum with attachments. Different brands and models will come with a different selection of tools. Really useful attachments to look for are: a crevice tool, upholstery tool and a special pet hair tool.

Brush roll features

There are corded stick vacuum cleaner models that allow you to turn the brush roll on and off to help protect your floors.

Others even have brush rolls with multiple speeds like in the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum

Special Design Features of corded stick vacuum cleaners

On top of the standard features discussed earlier, there are some special design features you might want to consider when picking the right corded stick vacuum cleaner. These factors can determine how hard or easy the vacuum cleaner is to use.

do stick vacuums stand on their own?

Self standing design

Most stick vacuum models can’t stand up by themselves which means you need to lean them against something or install a hanging mount into your wall.

Some models can stay upright on their own, these are self-standing stick vacuum cleaners. This means that you won’t have to hang a wall mount to store your vacuum. A self standing vacuum gives you the freedom to put the stick vacuum aside for a minute when cleaning without worrying about your vacuum falling over. How handy is that?

Low profile vacuum head

If your home has lots of furniture, consider a corded stick vacuum that has a low profile. Low profile means how high or thick the vacuum head is. A low-profile vacuum cleaner allows you to clean under your sofa, bed, or chairs with ease.

An added feature is a corded stick vacuum cleaner that lays flat. You’ll be able to clean all the way under the bed!

Converts to a handheld – a multipurpose stick vacuum

More and more stick vacuum cleaners can convert into a handheld vacuum. If you’re trying to decide between different models of corded stick vacuums and one converts to a handheld, it’s a no-brainer to choose the 2 in 1 corded stick vacuum. There’s no doubt you’d get a lot of use out of both modes.

Does SHARK make a corded stick vacuum?

Shark definitely do make corded stick vacuums! There are a range of Shark corded stick vacuum cleaners to choose from. On the market at the moment there are 3 main options:

  1. Shark Vertex Ultralight (with PowerFins and self-cleaning brush roll)
  2. Shark Ultralight Pet pro (with PowerFins and self-cleaning brush roll)
  3. Shark Rocket corded stick vacuum (converts to handheld)

Should you buy a corded stick vacuum cleaner?

Without a doubt, getting yourself a corded Stick vacuum cleaner is a wise investment. Lightweight, convenient with options to convert to handhelds and never having to wait for a battery to charge. Corded stick vacuum cleaners make those quick clean-ups (and extended sessions) a breeze.