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Robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuums might look really snazzy and futuristic but how do you tell them apart? Is the suction any good?  Can it move between carpet and hardwood ..

Best upright vacuum cleaner for carpet

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuums, just like Grandma used to have only heaps better. Today they are slick, edgy and best of all .. they vacuum!

best stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners

Stick vacuums are so handy. Easy to pick up for a quick vacuuming blitz in all the nooks and crannies. Some models even light up crazy dark corners ...

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for you

  We’re here at Vacuum Cleaner Advice to help you navigate the many vacuum cleaner options available in the market today. It can be tricky picking the best vacuum cleaner that will work for your household and your specific needs. Every one of us is different!

 Our aim is to empower you to make smart buying choices and save your precious time and money.

We get excited when there’s a new vacuum cleaner to research!

Our vacuum cleaner reviews are honest and unbiased and developed after hours and hours of research, editing, debating and double checking (with loads of coffee and the odd bit of chocolate). 

So our reviews are seriously well researched and written so that you can get in depth information if you want to, or just get straight to the low down. 

Not just the Every day ….

Not only do we look for your every day brand of vacuum cleaner but we look out for the new and not so well known vacuum cleaners as well. Some brands don’t have the big marketing machine that others do so can fly under the radar.

At Vacuum Cleaner Advice we bring you:

  • Hints and Tips

    Our hints and tips will help you to get the best out of your vacuum cleaner

  • Vacuum cleaner Buying Guides

    To help you choose the right vacuum cleaner when you're ready for a new one or even if it's your first ever vacuum cleaner!

  • Vacuum cleaner Reviews

    In depth detail on vacuum cleaner models and comparisons. We pull no punches, if a model does not meet our standards, we'll say so, or simply not include it in our reviews.

How to buy the best vacuum cleaner for your home

Buying a vacuum cleaner can be a major purchase. There are some key factors you need to consider when shopping around for a new vacuum cleaner. 

You might already have a vacuum cleaner make and model or two in mind. But, before you rush into a purchase, do yourself a favor and read our guides. 

Unlike a lot of vacuum cleaner buying guides, the type of vacuum cleaner is not the first thing we’ll focus on, but rather we’re going to look at: what your home is like, what do you need to clean and how you’d like to clean.

1. Your Home - What kind of home do you have?

Vacuum cleaner for my house
Whether your home is a:
  • a bungalow
  • a 2 story home
  • a very large home with lots of bedrooms
  • an apartment – maybe even up a large flight of stairs
  • an RV (recreational vehicle)
  • or even a houes boat
the type of home you have is likely to have a bearing of what vacuum cleaner to buy: 

2. Need or Purpose - What do you want your vacuum to do?

How do you want to use the vacuum cleaner? Are you just interested in cleaning the floors, or do you want to deep clean your entire house with this vacuum. What else do you need your vacuum cleaner for?:

  • floors
  • curtains
  • window sills
  • furniture (as well as under the furniture)
  • do you need to handle pet hair
  • are there allergy suffers in your household?
  • wet and dry messes?
  • your keyboard!

Or is this vacuum just for those random spills and quick run arounds before the visitors arrive for dinner?

Is it a vacuum for your home, or do you need one for the workshop, the car, the garden or even the pool. There are now even vacuum cleaners for mattresses!

Vacuum under furniture and stairs

3. How many? Do you need more than one vacuum?

Now that you’re clear about what you want your vacuum for,

Do you want one vacuum to do all the cleaning tasks you came up with (aka your Workhorse vacuum cleamer)


Are you after more than one vacuum, each serving a different purpose? Quite often households with stairs have a vacuum upstairs and another downstairs.

4. What kind of Flooring do you have in your home?

98% of vacuuming is for your floors.  Think about all the rooms or places that you want to vacuum:

best vacuum for all floor types
  • mostly carpet? And is the carpet regular or high pile carpet? Natural or synthetic fibre?
  • hardwood floors?
  • tiles?
  • vinyl plank flooring or laminate flooring?
  • do you have rugs that you want to vacuum?
  • OR is your home a mish mash of all different flooring types?
Do you have stairs? is there different flooring on each level?

5. How often do you vacuum?

Everyone has their own idea about how clean they want or need their home

  • Do you like to deep vacuum every day, so there’s not a spec of dust anywhere?
  • As soon as there’s a spill, you’re onto it? 
  • Or Are you so busy you’re lucky if you get to vacuum  once a week?
  • Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and have someone do it for you, and you’d like to supply the vacuum cleaner?

Now you’ve had a bit of a think about your vacuum cleaner, browse around our articles and vacuum cleaner reviews to get your short list or your top vacuum nailed down. 

A new vacuum model may just change your mind or you’ll confirm the choice you had. Along the way save your time and sanity (by getting the right vacuum) and hopefully save you money.

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